Junior Information

Glenunga Football Club – Juniors

 “Glenunga Rams”
R.A.M.S = Respect, Attitude, Mates = Success

Established in 1954 The Glenunga Football Club is a Country Football Club located in the City with community and family oriented values that provide the opportunity for players to participate in a competitive football competition whilst developing their football skills under the guidance of qualified & passionate coaching mentors within our community & competitive sporting environment.

The Glenunga Football Club has evolved since its establishment in 1954 to become a successful football club in all leagues that it plays, we have pride that all parents and players also demonstrate the same values as those of the club to ensure that the culture of the football club is upheld across all age groups.


All players are required to adopt the R.A.MS values of Respect, Attitude, Mates & Success.

Players are to attend training as required by their Coach, If they are not available to attend training or matches, then they cannot expect to receive as much match time as other players that do attend and participate to the best of their ability.

Whilst at training, they are required uphold the R.A.M.S values towards their coaches, their team mates and of the club facilities provided for them and their families. The club has squad and team selection policies that vary across the age groups and are available to all parents and players via the club’s website. We ask that all parents and player familiarise themselves with these policies.

Parents & Care Givers:

Parents are expected to be actively involved in the football club by making themselves available to volunteer their time to assist in the running of the team, matches and the club as required while upholding the R.A.M.S values. Parents will be expected to assist in various club & game duties including,

o Goal Umpire

o Boundary Umpire

o Match Day Official

o Team Managers

o Time keeping

 Parents and Care Givers that choose not to assist the club in these and other areas will jeopardise the playing opportunities afforded to their children at the Glenunga Football Club.

Grievances & Dispute Resolutions:

All issues are to be directed to the appropriate Team Manager and / or the Glenunga Football Junior Co-ordinator to address any issues that may arise during the season. If the issue cannot be resolved at this level, the matter will be escalated through to the Football Committees representative.

Glenunga Football Club takes all grievances and disputes seriously and should always be the first point of contact to address any issues or concerns, we ask Parents and Players to respect this and follow the required resolution channels outlines here.


Richard Pickett
Junior President


Paul Grund
Junior Registrar